Mar 5, 2022 • 40M

METAVERSE SOUNDCHECK conversation w/ New Zealand recreational surfer & OG electronic musician Ben Nolan – oh yeah, he’s also the man behind the world’s most accessible Metaverse platform, Cryptovoxels

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METAVERSE SOUNDCHECK conversation with New Zealand recreational surfer and OG electronic music trackmaker, Ben Nolan – oh yeah, he’s also the founder and lead computer scientist behind the world’s most accessible Metaverse platform, Cryptovoxels; speaking from Wellington, NZ

This season’s 3rdepisode in the METAVERSE SOUNDCHECK series, from the Metaverse Radio Podcast:

Speaking from the pub within his office complex in Wellington, NZ, Ben Nolan, the computer scientist behind the wildly popular Cryptovoxels, shares personal insights and gives context to the early formation of Cryptovoxels. During this engaging chat, he addresses concerns over interoperability and “Metaverse dystopia” and discusses his vision (pun intended) for Augmented Reality and its integration with IRL and virtual worlds.

Over the last few years, hobbyists, visual artists, and increasingly musicians, have found Cryptovoxels (an Ethereum blockchain-based 3-dimensional digital platform) a friendly place from which scores of NFT sales have been facilitated. And the activity in Cryptovoxels continues as countless participants are engaged in creatively building their own digital spaces, either for fun or for business. Initial and aftermarket sales volume and value of individual parcels, as NFTs themselves, bolsters the case for digital real estate as a financial investment.

More information about Cryptovoxels is available at their website

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